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A subsidiary of TCG Collective- AAPI Focused Marketing 

Fearless, experienced and connected. The core driver of our composition is culturally-relevant innovation. We approach each challenge with ingenuity and proven insights to achieve a rich level of consumer engagement with the Asian American market.​

42nd Parallel Mission

Celebrate Asian American culture, educate brands and help companies connect with this rich demographic group, and showcase the amazing contributions of Asians and Asian Americans in the USA. ​

42nd Parallel Vision

A world where there is a full understanding of the beautiful tapestry of Asian America and the importance of this demographic group in the marketing industry, where brands regularly speak to, represent, and cater to the Asian American story. 
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Nancy Shen, Vice President


1016 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, 60607

Office: (312) 957-7601



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